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Frissyboy's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 36 (From 9 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 630 Points

An Epic Stickventure

Got A Sword! Unlocked 9/16/14
5 Points
Finders keepers
Axed! Unlocked 9/16/14
10 Points
An axe kick just so happened to land upon yo foe-head!
Got The Shot-Hook! Unlocked 9/16/14
10 Points
Well... you got the Shot-Hook..
Counter Slash! Unlocked 9/16/14
25 Points
That dude was "slice!," but then, you were like, "SLASH-BAM-HAH!"
Fire-Balled! Unlocked 9/16/14
25 Points
You were blown apart by a fiery fire-ball of doom and destruction!
First Slice! Unlocked 9/16/14
25 Points
You sliced the first enemy! "SLICE!"
A Most Idiotic Death! 10 Points You jumped into the pit of nothingness and promptly killed yourself.. Yay!!
Failcore! 10 Points You failed and died in the first level.. dang man.
Got The Fire Gem! 10 Points You got special gem that gives your blade special fire powers and stuff
Got The Flame Sword! 10 Points The fire gem imbued new powers into your sword!
Take The Plunge! 10 Points You jumped in the air gracefully and plunged into your enemy! Yay!
Chopped! 25 Points You done got guillotined! To death!
Electro-Kicked! 25 Points You got electrocuted AND kicked at the SAME TIME!! Woo Hoo!!
Fire Slash! 25 Points SHOOOOORRR-YYYYUKEN!!
Hook Attack! 25 Points The ol' kick-him-back-and-yank-his-head-off maneuver... A classic.
Impeccable Timing! 25 Points You raised up the platforms and successfully crossed over the gaping gap of death..
Scorpion Slash! 25 Points You were all like, "GET OVER HERE!!" -and then- "SLASH!!"
Spiked! 25 Points You jumped into the pit of spikes! And without prompt! Bravo!! A truly inspiring performance indeed!
Zombie Smashed! 25 Points You got your face smashed in by a zombe-stick! Oh noes!
The Ol' One-Two! 50 Points You slashed both of the zombie sticks!!
Master Of Combat! 100 Points You went toe-to-toe with the gold-masked enemy and defeated his every move! …most likely after many failed attempts, but still!

Medals Earned: 6/21 (100/500 points)

Communist in Space

Liberated Unlocked 7/9/13
50 Points
Beat the game
Qvit Stalin 5 Points Start already!
Over 9000 50 Points Win the game a certain amount of score.

Medals Earned: 1/3 (50/105 points)

Crystal Story II

First! Unlocked 2/5/14
5 Points
Win your first battle!
Chapter I 5 Points Completed Chapter I
Cursed Dagger 5 Points Used Lina's Cursed Dagger
Dragon's Roar 5 Points Used D's Dragon's Roar
Guardian Crystal 5 Points Completed Guardian tree
Healer Crystal 5 Points Completed Healer tree
Mage Crystal 5 Points Completed Mage tree
Rend 5 Points Used Kaz's Rend
Slayers Crystal 5 Points Completed Slayer tree
Snipe 5 Points Used Mari's Snipe
Thief Crystal 5 Points Completed Thief tree
Trickster Crystal 5 Points Completed Trickster tree
Chapter II 10 Points Completed Chapter II
Chapter III 10 Points Completed Chapter III
Chapter IV 10 Points Completed Chapter IV
Defense 10 Points Complete all Defense quests
Dragon's Breath 10 Points Used D's Dragon's Breath
Fishing 10 Points Fished all Rares
Hackpicker 10 Points Hackpicked all locked chests
Hurricane 10 Points Used Kaz's Hurricane
Lucky Strike 10 Points Used Lina's Lucky Strike
Magic Bullet 10 Points Used Mari's Magic Bullet
Mercenary Defense 10 Points Completed Mercenary Defense
Slime Tamer 10 Points Achieved Pet level 10
Snowboard Extreme! 10 Points Get gold on track 3 of Snowboard Extreme
Wanted 10 Points Completed all Wanted quests
Bestiary 25 Points Completed the Bestiary
Chapter V 25 Points Completed Chapter V
Cyclone Dance 25 Points Used Lina's Cyclone Dance
Death's Gate 25 Points Used Kaz's Death's Gate
Doom Bringer 25 Points Clear out Doom Lair
Dragon's Rage 25 Points Used D's Dragon's Rage
Giant Killer 25 Points Clear out Giant Land
Scavenger 25 Points Clear out the Sunken Ruins
Trigger Happy 25 Points Used Mari's Trigger Happy
Wanted X 25 Points Completed all Wanted X quests
Warden 25 Points Clear out Lao Prison
Generic Quest Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/38 (5/500 points)

Internet Avenger

Beat Mosaic Unlocked 1/26/14
5 Points
Boss #1
Beat Netscape Unlocked 1/26/14
10 Points
Boss #2
Beat Opera Unlocked 1/26/14
25 Points
Boss #3
Beat Mozilla Unlocked 1/26/14
50 Points
Boss #5
Beat Safari Unlocked 1/26/14
50 Points
Boss #4
Error 25 Points Crash the game... and your computer?
Beat Chrome 100 Points Boss #6
Blue Screen of Victory Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/8 (140/365 points)

Meaty Boner

Beat Level 1 Unlocked 1/11/15
5 Points
Pass the first stage of the Castle
Meaty Meal Time Unlocked 1/11/15
5 Points
Eat the meat off of a werewolf
Raging Hot Boner Unlocked 1/11/15
5 Points
Pick up the ability to imbue your fists with fire
Beat Level 2 10 Points Pass the Second stage of the Castle
Beat Level 4 25 Points Pass the fourth stage of the Castle
Beefy Boner 25 Points Absorb enough meat to become a Meaty Boner
Bone the Head 25 Points Get into a fight with the big giant floating head thingy!
Beat Level 5 50 Points Pass the fifth stage of the Castle

Medals Earned: 3/8 (15/150 points)

Monsters Hill

Fail Unlocked 6/13/13
5 Points
Do a wrong move
Chain Unlocked 6/13/13
10 Points
Kill 7 monsters in one move
Combo Unlocked 6/13/13
10 Points
Do 3 combo
Hunter Unlocked 6/13/13
10 Points
Kill 10 monsters in one combo
Alchemest 10 Points Use 5 bonuses in one combo
Destroyer 10 Points Kill 100 monsters
Exploder 10 Points Explode a stone
Joker 10 Points Use a shuffle
Moneybox 10 Points Get 10000 points
Smasher 10 Points Kill 5 big monsters
Student 10 Points Get 30% achievements
Assasin 25 Points Kill 10000 monsters
Ccccombo 25 Points Do 6 combo
Combinator 25 Points Do 9 combo
David 25 Points Kill 25 big monsters
Flood 25 Points 5 big monsters on screen
Graduate 25 Points Get 60% achievements
Greed 25 Points Get 100000 points
Hercules 25 Points Kill 100 big monsters
Killer 25 Points Kill 1000 monsters
Rich 25 Points Get 50000 points
Tracker 25 Points Kill 25 monsters in one combo
Maniac 50 Points Kill 50 monsters in one combo
Master 50 Points Get all achievements

Medals Earned: 4/24 (35/480 points)


Start Unlocked 6/10/13
5 Points
Kill the first boss.
Halfway 25 Points Defeat the first 5 bosses.
Finish 50 Points Defeat all 10 bosses.
Destroy All Parts Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/130 points)

Road of the Dead

Blunt Force Trauma Unlocked 5/26/13
5 Points
Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Gunslinger Unlocked 5/26/13
10 Points
Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Hydroficial Intelligence Unlocked 5/26/13
10 Points
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Don't Need Wheels Unlocked 5/26/13
25 Points
Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
No Mercy Unlocked 5/26/13
25 Points
Hit 25 civilians
Road Dominator Unlocked 5/26/13
25 Points
Hit 50 highway soldiers
Road Warrior Unlocked 5/26/13
25 Points
Defeat a helicopter
Wise Man Unlocked 5/27/13
25 Points
Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Close Encounters Unlocked 5/26/13
50 Points
Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
Speed Racer Unlocked 5/26/13
50 Points
Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Hood Shaker 5 Points Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Flip Flop 10 Points Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
Meticulous 10 Points Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Quick Draw 25 Points Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Nuke Watcher 50 Points Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Pinball 50 Points Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Tank 50 Points Buy all the upgrades
Time To Spare 50 Points Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Top Gun 50 Points Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Zombie Sniper 50 Points Do 30 zombie splatter hits
Dead On Time 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Hell's Angel 100 Points Beat Highway To Hell
One Man Army 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Police State
Survivor 100 Points Beat The Great Escape

Medals Earned: 10/24 (250/1,000 points)

Toss the Turtle

Acupuncture Unlocked 9/21/14
5 Points
Get skewered on spikes
Gold Star Unlocked 9/21/14
5 Points
Launch the Turtle
Jump Man Unlocked 9/21/14
5 Points
Smash a goomba
Novice Unlocked 9/21/14
5 Points
Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)
Drunk Driver Unlocked 9/21/14
10 Points
Blow up a jeep
Question Mark 5 Points Find the hidden button
Amateur 10 Points Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)
Harrasment 10 Points Crush an angry ground creature
in Space 10 Points Reach space
Strong Armed 10 Points Get punched by a banana
Abducted 25 Points Get caught by a UFO
Icarus 25 Points Get burned by a sun
Persistent 25 Points Play over an hour
Professional 25 Points Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)
Radioactive 25 Points Use a nuke
Addicted 50 Points Play over 2 hours
Golden Shell 50 Points Buy everything
Master 50 Points Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)
Traveler 50 Points Total over 1 million feet
WorldsEdge 100 Points Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Medals Earned: 5/20 (30/500 points)